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About us

co-founders Jen and Rique

This Face was founded by two best friends, Rique and Jen. After years spent on the beaches of Byron Bay, they believe taking care of your skin is priority number one. However finding a face mask that balances the use of quality ingredients that do wonderful things to your skin and actually looks gorgeous as well, was nearly impossible! They found most luxury brands have face masks that work well but don’t look very hot… and most of the cheaper ones weren’t providing the desired results.

It took over a year of product testing, long nights and early mornings as they balanced family life and day jobs with their side hustle to develop a mask that makes your real life face look like it’s been through an Instagram filter.*

"We wanted to create a mask that actually worked, looked amazing, but was affordable too. We develop products that contain ingredients that revitalise your skin without the harsh impacts of parabens, sulphates, silicones, mineral oil, PEGs and EDTA. We had to make sure we got it just right and are so proud of our first offering!"

*No Instagram filters required, just good champagne and even better friends.